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Wholesale Info

Our 9” pies will be delivered:     

1)    Freshly baked with freezing and reheating instructions. 

 Pies need to be either frozen the day of delivery

or eaten within 3 days of delivery for the freshest taste. 
We do not use any preservatives. 
2)   Frozen unbaked with baking instructions.  However, we are not responsible
 for spoilage after the pies have been delivered.
We recommend you sell the pies for at least $13.99 or $14.99
The pies available are:   Apple     Apple Crumb   Blueberry     
Cherry    Cherry Crumb    Blueberry Crumb         
Pumpkin is available (frozen and unbaked) only.        

GIFT CERTIFICATE FUNDRAISER is another option.  We provide personalized Gift Certificates
that can be used to purchase any 9” pies at our Shelton location or any of the farmers Markets. 


We ask that you call for a delivery date as soon as possible and provide an order, 1 week before the delivery date.

After a confirmed delivery date, we can provide you samples for your school open houses.
Please feel to contact me with any questions.
Thank you for your time,Jenette Kreitler, 203-650-6200
If you are interested in carrying our pies, please contact Jenette for more information. 
email: oronoquefarms@hotmail.com

Our pies and cookies are proven sellers at farm stands and deli's.



EMAIL: oronoquefarms@hotmail.com

Oronoque Farms Gift , Bakery and Boutique   188 Leavenworth Road SHELTON, CT 203 925 4237